Company Services

  • Online Reporting
  • Practice Management System (PMS)
  • Resourcing / Scheduling
  • Client Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Doctor Accreditation
  • B - Linked
  • Transcription
  • Alerts
  • Medical Billing

Online Reporting

Bijib’s Online Reporting application provides an innovative, efficient and easy electronic reporting tool to transmit, report, bill and store images such as ECG, ECHO, HOLTER, STRESS ECHO etc. Easy and quick access to reports from highly qualified cardiologists enhances a patient's experience and treatment.

Bijib seamlessly manages access, storage, performance monitoring and maintenance of reports, as well as provides comprehensive reports and reconciliation for Medicare billing.

Practice Management System (PMS)

Bijib’s Practice Management System (PMS) is a highly scalable application meeting the needs of a solo practitioner managing his/her own practice to a large multi-specialist centre or hospital. With Bijib’s controlled access for different staff members, doctors will have clinical record access digitally rather than paper files. Patient appointments can be booked and managed seamlessly. Doctors claims can be processed within seconds and relevant process and payment reports can be accessed and viewed at any time. Doctors will have access to order Pharmacy, Pathology and Radiology online and receive the results back into the system (HL7 Format) electronically. This will result in better clinical outcomes for patients.

Resourcing / Scheduling

Bijib’s Rostering service maintains and allows password-protected access to the latest on-call schedules for doctors and other staff.

Bijib provides a fully integrated On-call and On-site rostering system, covering the entire workforce of an organisation including all job categories. Automated medical registration / ABN / GST status check, provides automated Invoicing and Time sheet generation at the end of each pay cycle.

Scheduling and Rostering module is integrated with Bijib mobile App and Alert Module to send automated alerts regarding allocated duties / available duties, invoices generated etc,.

Client Relationship Management (CRM)

Bijib’s CRM system allows for monitoring of patient enquiries and seamless conversion into admissions. The system enables consistent management of patient enquiries and correspondence with patients resulting in better patient care and satisfaction.

Bijib’s CRM provides tools for psychometric assessment and scoring upon patient admission, during the course of treatment and discharge. Bijib’s CRM helps maintain electronic records of all patient forms and documents. Enquiries can be directed to doctors for instant review and decision making.

Doctor Accreditation

Bijib’s Doctor Accreditation module has been developed to provide work flow based solution to the Hospitals to accredit General Practitioners and Specialists.

Bijib’s Accreditation module seamlessly connects doctors with hospitals and eliminates time consuming manual Accreditation process. Our service provides a 100 point check to methodically submit all the required forms / data required for accreditation.

B - Linked

Bijib has developed a module that connects the below four groups to best utilize a surgical hospital facilities.

OT Slots / Surgeons / Anaesthetists / Surgical Assistants

Bijib’s B – Linked module enables the Hospital to advertise their available OT slots on recurrent or ad-hoc basis. The availability/requirement of any doctor/s and hospital/s can be viewed based on preferences and permissions.


Bijib has been providing transcription services to doctors from multiple specialties for over 10 years.

Bijib’s Transcription service maintains 98% accuracy with quick turn-around-time - normally within 48 hours and most within 24 hours. This service is integrated with Bijib App on smartphones (Apple Store or Play Store) to record and send voice files.


Bijib Alerts is designed as a supporting service for all other Bijib services. It has been developed as a configurable event based module. Alerts such as Bijib App notifications / SMS / emails can be scheduled to send automatically or manually as required.

Medical Billing

Bijib Billing is a Medicare certified billing agent. Bijib Billing is integrated with Medicare for Online Claiming and Eclipse functions. Bijib is one of the few billing agents in Australia to have acquired Enterprise Server Adaptor (ESA) certificate.

Thus, Bijib can provide Billing as a software and also Billing as a comprehensive service. All reports and reconciliations are completed and are made available in the single login provided by Bijib.